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Steel For Brains: An Interview with Dave Clifford

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I came to Dave Clifford by way of the instrumental post metal band Red Sparowes.  I then worked my way backwards to the thoroughly indefinable The VSS.  For me, it’s an arc of musical prowess that bears investigation.  Clifford now curates the US/THEM group representing a myriad of bands and still maintains his passion for all things heavy.  I had the opportunity to ask Dave a few questions concerning his own experience as a musician as well as the future for those musicians wanting staying power in a rapidly evolving…or devolving world.

Let’s start out with your evolution as an artist, Dave.  From the moment you wanted to play an instrument to where you are now, what’s that journey been like for you?

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Alarm Magazine Feature Pedal Steel Music Lesson: Greg Burns of Red Sparowes & Marriages

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SPIN Premiere: Marriages’ Muscular ‘Ride In My Place’

From the threesome’s forthcoming debut, ‘Kitsune

If first impressions are everything, Marriages are in great shape. Case in point: “Ride in My Place,” the opening gust from the trio’s forthcoming debut via Sargent House, Kitsune. All three members also share time in Los Angeleno post-rock collective Red Sparowes, an instrumental outfit that served as a meeting point for musicians stepping away from other projects. But here, singer/guitarist Emma Ruth Rundle steps behind a microphone to add welcome layers of smoke-bombed vocals. The result is a muscular, beautifully marbled slab of mood-rock that sounds less like a side-project’s side-project and more like a band about to howl.


Greg & Emma of Red Sparowes Introduce Marriages - First 2 West Coast Shows

Marriages is a new band from Greg Burns (Red Sparowes) and Emma Ruth Rundle ( Red Sparowes  & The Nocturnes ). They will be playing their first two shows with Russian Circles and Deafheaven on 11/28 in Los Angeles at the Troubadour and on 11/29 in San Diego at The Casbah. We can’t wait to hear what they have been cooking up together. So come early, they will be playing first on both shows.

Red Sparowes live from Eagle Rock Arts Center on June 24, 2011. Many thanks to Tank Top Diaries to view more click HERE